Armor Games is Hiring

2008-04-03 18:09:45 by ArmorGames

Armor Games is currently looking to hire 2 to 3 full time developers. You can check out all the info on our Jobs page.

We offer the following benefits:
*Competitive Salary
*Bonuses every time a game is released
*Fun and Casual Work Environment

Any games developed while working @ Armor Games can still be submitted to NG. (The biggest and best flash portal on the internet)

Here are some pictures of our office (Click Here)

E-mail Jobs and Game Portfolios to 'Jobs (at)'



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2008-04-03 18:21:32

Shiiiit. The pictures and all are awesome. I've heard from Luka how awesome it is there. So wish I could be a part of it...


2008-04-03 18:22:35


God damn. Might as well start learning AS3 :P


2008-04-03 18:25:02

Huh, I didn't know Armor Games had its own office with the words "ARMOR GAMES" in big letters on the wall.

I learn something new every day! =D


2008-04-03 18:32:17

I work here. It's fun, especially when I get to kill everyone in Guitar Hero or Halo.


2008-04-03 18:32:24

Now I wish I lived near the office and studied AS3 more. :P

When you become a super giant and have officies in Canada too, then I'll come runnin' with my resume. By then I should have improved enouph to actually get the job too. :3


2008-04-03 18:35:28

This would be the dream job for most developers. If only it were you who was in Perkasie instead of Tom. :(


2008-04-03 18:43:17

my father is a software developer and his product may help your business. pm if interested.


2008-04-03 19:45:40

Haha.. what Coolio said.. I really should start to learn AS3.. I've had a book for it for a while, but I just keep putting it off for some reason.. I guess I just like AS2 even though AS3 looks nice :<


2008-04-03 19:57:10

I'd love to try and take you guys on at Halo sometime. See how I stack up to the west coast and all. Any interest?

ArmorGames responds:

Yeah, after we get another developer in here we'll set up some 4-on-4. It would be a lot of fun to play you guys.



2008-04-03 20:06:54

Times That I really wish I knew AS.



2008-04-03 20:15:58

Looks like a swell place to work. I'd give it a shot.



2008-04-03 20:33:12

im nowhere near the right age or location >:l


2008-04-03 20:38:09

Man, I wish I knew how to program. Do you guys need any animators :/? O well, good luck with your find


2008-04-03 21:17:11

Looks pretty posh!


2008-04-03 21:20:29

Let me get in some of that haloness...

im sure you have plenty time on your hands for practice :-D


2008-04-03 23:24:07

lol mindchamber... of course armorgames is lazy. I mean look at their office. Its perfectly straight. Jmtb02 makes the games. And well, dan just sits their and supplies the office building ;D. Compare the office and the kitchen. Look at the size diffrence :P. Armor Games would be an amazing place to work at. Sadly Im to young as well. :[ Have fun dan.


2008-04-04 01:05:09

you don't want a slob to work for you do you?


2008-04-04 02:01:01

I can't help noticing the wii, xbox360, N64, nes and dreamcast (that's what it is right?) on an HD, eh? oh, and the castle crashers at the side. OMG its freakin' awesome! that is, assuming we could sleep in the quit room and still get paid :P

then it would be still awesome :)


2008-04-04 05:40:45

Can you make a job in Edinburgh in Scotland and save it for me till Im 18? Please?
By then I'll know AS =)


2008-04-04 06:57:59

I used to work in that same building...but not for them


2008-04-04 13:36:53

Next time you guys need a web-designer/developer, rather than a Flash expert or PHP/MySQL guru, hit me up ;)


2008-04-04 13:51:19

Hehe nice office...


2008-04-04 15:17:42

If only I could program :)


2008-04-04 15:51:57

What do you mean by '401k'?


2008-04-04 16:04:45

What a beautiful office! I would love to manage things as I am told I'm smart but I'm useless when it comes to designing flash itself.


2008-04-04 19:25:24

if only i was 10 years older and wold know wut i was doing


2008-04-05 21:29:15

well at least im learning action script


2008-04-09 21:14:00

Nice office, i wouldn't mind working there for a living.
too bad i don't know any AS. T_T
i know other OO programming languages though, kinda.


2008-05-06 11:19:24

wow i wish i knew flash o well im taking webdesign and flash animation next year and some 3d game design if you still have openings in 2 years let me know


2008-05-08 00:17:28

All your base are belong to us.


2008-05-08 11:16:38

some1 teach me how to program, fast, i want that job!! woot :-) 2 bad i'm only 14....


2008-05-09 18:31:46

we would love to work for you guys. but we are very faraway from where you guys are.


2008-05-10 13:51:52

How much does it pay?


2008-05-12 20:42:36

Wait, you pay people to make these games? How do you profit off of them?