Help Cure MS and get some SWAG

2008-06-05 14:02:12 by ArmorGames

MS is a horrific disease that affects over 300,000 each year in the United States. I personally know 3 people who have been affected by it, so I'm doing my part to help raise money for their cause.

This year we will be riding 150-miles on our bikes to raise money and awareness for the disease. (MS Ride)

There are two ways you can help.

1.) Sponsor me as a rider and donate $10.00 or more. (Website won't accept any amount smaller than $10, Sorry) Anyone who makes a donation will receive a 5 pack of stickers and a Ball Revamped Squishy ball. All donations are tax deductible.

In addition, if you make a donation of $25 or more, I will buy you a Newground Shirt of your choice and mail it to you.

If you are feeling really generous and donate $125 or more, You will get a 2 Gig iPod Shuffle, a Newgrounds Shirt, a 5-Pack of stickers and a Ball Revamped Squishy ball.

Visit my personal fund raising page here. (click)
*After you donate, make sure to e-mail your address to '' and we'll get your free SWAG dropped in the mail.

2.) Join our team and ride with us. (Team Page)
*Anyone who joins the team and rides with us will get a complimentary team jersey with your name on it.
(A $60 value for FREE)

Thanks for the support and Happy Gaming!


Help Cure MS and get some SWAG


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2008-06-05 14:07:18

How far are you riding?

ArmorGames responds:



2008-06-05 14:13:15

I would donate if you could pay by PayPal. Also, Phil, he said. 150 miles.

ArmorGames responds:

I'm bummed you can't donate via paypal. :(

Thanks for being willing to help though.


2008-06-05 14:56:09

It's "affected" not "effected".

Other than that, it's good to know you're doing something for the cause.

What's up with you guys and not replying to questions about sponsorship and such? My amigo sent you some info a week or two ago now and he hasn't heard anything.

Plus, Inglor is ignoring me when I try and catch him on AIM.

What is going on, man? AG used to be reputable.

ArmorGames responds:

Not sure what happened to Inglor. I miss that guy.

(Sp) error corrected. Thanks!

What e-mail address did your friend send the game to for sponsorship?


2008-06-05 15:02:31

my mum has ms and trust me its bad i would donate but i dont have much money

ArmorGames responds:

I'm sorry to hear that your Mom has MS. Hopefully the money raised by the event will be able to help find a cure.


2008-06-05 15:08:06

May I ride with you? *no joke.

ArmorGames responds:

Of course! That was the #2 way you could help. (Read Post Again :)


2008-06-05 15:09:13

Oh wait, it's in a different country, I'll see if I can get a tenner for you Mr.Armor games.


2008-06-05 16:43:51

Could i have something like a penicorn or a tankman figure instead of a shirt.. cos there the same price..


2008-06-05 17:25:00

Whyever would you want a penicorn.


2008-06-05 17:36:59

There was one MS 150 about a month or two ago in Texas that I donated to.

Have fun, I will think about it :) Also Our school blocked addicting games so I've been telling many people to go to Armor Games to cure their boredom.

ArmorGames responds:

I take it you live in Texas? If so, could you freeze dry some 'Taco Cabana' and mail it to me? :)

150 miles in the Texas sun must have been one heck of a ride.


2008-06-05 17:41:53

I really wish I lived on the west coast, because I love doing stuff like this. Unfortunately I live in England, so the return ticket would cost more than how much you're trying to raise. I'll donate if I can, but i'm seriously broke at the moment.

Good luck and I think that what you're doing is really cool!!!

Is it an annual thing? Because if I plan it, i'm sure I could do it in the future or at least have some money prepared to donate. :-)

ArmorGames responds:

Ya, they do it every year. Check their website for the yearly schedule. /home/default.asp?ievent=258855


2008-06-05 18:08:35

Hm, will you be able to ship that stuff outside America? :)


2008-06-05 18:12:35

Some guy donated 460! Woah! What's he age barrier? I'd love to ride with my BMX?? But this is unlikly, I'm going thre for holidays, so if I'm there at the time ,I'd be happy, very happy actually.


2008-06-05 18:13:46

California? Hmmm, this is pretty tuff, I doubt I'll make 150?!? But I really want to! I'll get back tomorrow.


2008-06-05 22:34:28

Uhg dan! I was gonna donate 100$ USD but, no paypal? Shoot man, bummer. I recently lost my mom to cancer, so im sure ms is just as bad. I really wanted to help out the cause.


2008-06-05 22:59:05

Yeah, they really cut themself short by not allowing paypal. Paypal can be greedy with fees though, so that might be the reason. You'd THINK paypal would have some kind of arrangement for fee-free charity donations though.


2008-06-05 23:58:36

If I sent you 30 dollars, could I get a ball and a shirt? Or will I have to give 35 so that it like the 2 swag deals?

ArmorGames responds:

For $30 I'd send you any NG-Shirt you wanted, a Ball Revamped Squishy and a 5-pack of stickers.


2008-06-06 05:05:50

Wow, Dan, you are a really generous guy, I mean you are buying people things out of your own hand, (I think? x])

Anyway, I wish you the best of luck when biking, and I hope you don't die of exhaustion, I know I would :P


2008-06-06 05:08:59

Wow, Dan you are really kind donating $460 to get things started, I wish you the best of luck when biking. :)

ArmorGames responds:

The $460 isn't all of mine.

It shows total donations. I gave $50 towards the cause and the other $410 and been donated by great people on the web!


2008-06-06 09:30:55

awwwwhhh!! this is awesome!!

and for a while i was a bit salty with armor games, i was steting to see their sponsership on games that didnt even load right..... but! this is fucking sweet... if i had any money i would donate.. im sorry to say i cant =[. my aunt has fucking MS =[


2008-06-06 10:32:17

what's a squishy ball??

ArmorGames responds:

The things you squeeze when you're having a horrible no good very bad day!


2008-06-06 11:40:20

ooh, that's really cool! (i saw the image in ur webiste)
no money :(


2008-06-06 11:41:01

Dan, check your email. Its important.

ArmorGames responds:

Of course you can come and ride with us!


2008-06-06 12:03:52

If your buying al lof this stuff how are you making money for the charity?

Isn't that you just selling stuff?

ArmorGames responds:

The stuff I'm giving away cost less than the money raised. I'm giving away stuff as a 'Thank-You' to people who donate, which in turn raises money for the Charity.


2008-06-06 21:57:58

-where is this taking place at???
-do we get our own gear like helmets and bikes or we get our own??
-any age is allowded to ride...right??? :) (i'm 13)
-and what do you mean about this?:
""Anyone who joins the team and rides with us will get a complimentary team jersey with your name on it.
(A $60 value for FREE)""


2008-06-08 15:05:15

helang7, I think you may be a bit young to be staying away from home and riding a bike 100+ miles


2008-06-25 18:14:52

I would help but i don´t live in USA. Whenever i go Usa, i will help on that. I like people who help others, so i would like to join but i can´t. :(


2008-07-08 22:17:46

MICROSOFT? No sorry, just kidding. I support your cause!


2008-07-14 18:31:52

I might be able to do this; I live in San Luis Obispo, CA, so I could be able to get to Orange County. Also, my birthday is October 13th, so this may be a cool way to celebrate it.
Reguardless, I will be donating to help you along ;>


2008-07-15 11:40:34

At first I thought that a plan for a 100 mile day on Day 1 was crazy, until I looked into it and saw that there was a SAG wagon and you'd be riding unladen.

If I didn't live so far away, I'd tune up my old monte carlo and race you :P


2008-07-15 12:57:45

i personally have MS and it warms my heart to hear stuff like this
i personally cant send money due to me being temporary assistance. the gov just pays me 140 a month. mabye when i get aproved for perminent disability i might send some cash. do you guys take money order.
good luck with it all
ps. all your games are awsome


2008-08-01 01:43:11

Nice try