(But an App, Help Haiti recovery)

2010-01-19 20:05:52 by ArmorGames

In light of the recent tragic earthquake in Haiti, Armor Games has pledged 50% of all Crush the Castle proceeds from this week to be donated to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund as part of Apps for Haiti Week.

Apps for Haiti will run from January 18-22. You can download Crush the Castle from iTunes and support the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund by clicking HERE.

Once the week is done, We'll be posting the TOTAL amount donated along with a screenshot showing the donation to the 'Red Cross'.

If you want to give, but don't have an iPhone or iPod Touch; you can donate HERE.


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2010-01-19 20:37:14

I dont trust donation centers. I feel as tho they rob u of ure donation and only give a small percentage of wat u give them to the people in need of help :/

ArmorGames responds:

I agree. A lot of non-profits don't use their money wisely thats why you should be selective in where you give. Here's Red Crosses complete financial statement for 2009. /Documents/pdf/corppubs/FY09Finan cialStatement.pdf


2010-01-19 21:07:36

Im so gonna buy crush the castle but im only gonna buy this app for haiti because the other ones act like there gonna donate to haiti not actually DO it.


2010-01-19 21:28:34

well in light of Gonzo's statement (which i agree)
you sir deserve appraisal for your generosity!

good to know that even people in newgrounds share the love!



2010-01-20 11:38:33

^ To the guy above, it's 50% not 15%. Might give this a shot, I've never actually played the Flash version :/ I just bought GTA on iPhone and that pretty cost me everything I own. I had to sell a car to buy that app.


2010-01-20 23:19:34

As of yesterday (Tuesday, the 19th) we've raised over $1,500 for Haiti and we still have half the week to go. :)

Thanks to everyone who bought the App!


2010-02-01 16:47:07

Armor games i LOVE your games,continue with this,PLEASE!


2010-02-10 15:32:02



2010-03-12 05:42:48

Lol: It says "But an App" instead of "Buy an App."


2010-04-02 03:14:49

more crush the castle! plz for the love of god more!


2010-12-29 08:20:14

awesome and whats the name of the music of the biguining of the game frontier.