Armor Gaming Challenge #6 -Contest Winners-

2008-01-04 17:53:13 by ArmorGames

Congratulations to all the winners. For a complete list go here.

Click Here


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2008-01-04 18:29:20

Yey! Monies!


2008-01-04 18:46:23

Awesome, I am so fortunate to have been able be a part of the Armor Games contest, Thank You so much Armor Games, you guys Rock! My Games will always be Armor Games :D


2008-01-06 08:27:49

armor games is my fav game site. keep it up. ^^ although your top 10 games have stayed the while for like a year.


2008-01-06 18:26:00

:( I lost. And I was in first place (as far as I could tell) on Dec 28th, which was supposed to be the lock date :(

Oh well, I obvoiusly wasn't supposed to win =p


2008-01-08 02:54:45

I like bread!