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Thanksgiving Contest

2007-11-14 18:21:37 by ArmorGames

Due to popular demand, the contest deadline has been extended until next monday. (November 19th) :D

Make sure to get all your games submitted before then.


ArmorGames Blog

2007-10-26 12:58:27 by ArmorGames

We just launched an 'ArmorGames' blog. Feel free to come by and check it out.

Due to some cheating that has taken place, there are a number of adjustments taking place to the contest.

1.) The awards given for views have been removed. Judging will be based solely on SCORE.

2.) Since the 'Views Bonus' has been removed, I have increased the Over Lord Bonus to $600 a month, or $7,200 for the entire year of remaining in the NG-top 50 list.

3.) There are no longer 'Best of Awards' for October or November. The $1000 winners will still be paid for September.

4.) The front page bonus has been removed.

All other cash prizes have remained unchanged. I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with for Halloween. :D


September Winners and other GREAT news!!

2007-10-03 14:02:51 by ArmorGames

Happy Halloween Everyone!!! There's lots of exciting stuff going on. Here is all the latest updates.

1.) The 'Best of September, October and November' awards have been changed, and will be awarded based on NG score and NOT the amount of views a entry receives. (This is due to popular request and some issues we had with people refreshing the page on their game)

2.) That being said, here are the 3-games that won $1,000 in September. (This could be you this month if you make a game for the contest)
-Agnry Faic Lift with a score of 3.62
-Rhythm Fireworks with a score of 3.94
-Tam Pyramid Challenge with a score of 3.65

3.) Halloween is just around the corner. Make sure to finish your games and get them submitted before Oct 25th. Up for grabs is $6,000 in the month of Oct. Good Luck!!
(Full Rules here: l)

4.) I am doing a fund raiser in a few weeks to help raise support for MS. I will be riding my bike 150 miles and need help raising money for the event. I am asking 50 people to each give $10.00. (Although you can give more if you want) The person who gives the highest donation will receive the new iPod Nano. Here is the fund raising page and a link to the place where you can donate.


-Armor Dan

Armor Gaming Challenge #6

2007-08-08 18:20:48 by ArmorGames

The Armor Gaming Challenge #6 is here. This time we have increased the prizes and the top winner will have a chance @ over $16,000.

Click here for all the details. l

Each month, the 3-games with the most views will win an additional $1,000. There are also 3 themed contest you can enter as well. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

Good Luck to Everyone!